See Expensive Gathering Davido Was Seen With Cubana Chief Priest


I should be certain that many people will never wish poverty in thier lives, the rich and the poor will never wish for poverty, but the wealthy even though they have, they will still wish for more.

As a Nigerian hip- hop fan, I believe you know who Davido is, omo baba adeleke. But I guess many may not know the man called the Cubana Chief Priest unless he or she is a social platform legend, below is picture of the Cubana Chief Priest for those that may not know him;

This lucky barman have put many pictures and videos of himself, Davido, and the Cubana Chief Priest as they have nice time with each other.

To be sincere, Cubana Chief Priest will be a man of delicious foods, can we say the foods are what made him as chubby as he is? Answer that in the comment box, is not for me.

This barman is said to have invited Davido and his crew members (30GB gangs) for dinner at his royal club, which is attributed to be among, if not the fastest growing club in Owerri the capital of Imo

The barman' s wife is said to be a good chef as she was the one that made the delicious food you shall see below with the guests;

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