Pastor Seen Touching A Woman’s “VAGINA” During Church Service(pictures)


A photo that is currently going viral on social media sees a pastor touching a woman’s private part during a church’s service.

This photo seems to be disturbing, causing a stir on social media with mixed reaction. Most church leaders take advantage of some married women in the name of prayer.

Some of them can even tell you to open your legs for the holy spirit to penetrate. Hmmm This world, if you really need God’s favor it’s better to go down on your knees and pray to Your God.


Pray in your house and stop going around the world looking for someone’s prophecies upon your life.

Everybody encounters one problem or the other, none is free from problems. Anybody born of a woman is full of trouble, yours is not the worst of it all.

Those pastors are human like you, They possess no extraordinary power than you, Just develop your God-given power and get closer to God and you will see God’s miracle in your life God bless you.

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