After reading this, you won't throw your banana peels away


This sounds stupid right but it will surely amaze you after reading this. You take scraps from your kitchen that you’d typically throw away mix them with water and BOOM – you’ve made an fertilizer that makes your plants grow like crazy.

And this is why I’m also amazed by banana peels. So after reading this, Instead of wasting that peel, just mix it with water and time, and you've got yourself a banana peel fertilizer. Banana peels are arguably the most useful kitchen scrap you can use in your garden.

After reading this article, I hope you’ll never throw away another banana peel.

Now let's go over to business

Making banana peel fertilizer is super easy, you just need a bucket of water, then soak the banana peels In the bucket and leave for 1 - 2 weeks thereafter sprinkle it on your garden and you shall be eating your fresh vegetables in less than 2 weeks

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