This world is coming to an end see what church are doing to the worshipers.

Everyone has a unique believe where we end up going to different religions to worship and pray to almighty God. as we all know life has challenges sometimes you get tired and look for help in churches and healers not knowing what you getting yourself into.

They are people who do evil things hiding with the name of god.some pastor feed congregants snake and grass while others tell worshipers to carry them , people get spread with doom promised it expelled bad spirits.

but this is never true and it’s very are not likely to recognise this if you are in trouble and seek help because all you do focus on is to get rid of what bothers you,by that way you end up allowing anything pastor tell you to do in order to get help.

brothers and sisters mothers and fathers,our siblings are loosing their lives because of this people who pretend to be people who are not

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