See reason to believe that Cubana chief priest is a gay


Cubaba Chiefpriest aka celebrity barman is a popular nigeria celebrity who is very well know for his lavish lifestyle, he has gone viral many times spraying bundle of cash on occasion, hanging out with other big Nigeria celebrities like Davido, Peruzzi, Burnaboy and he was also a part of the team that brought Cardi b the multiple Grammy awarding winning rapper to Nigeria.

He is known for many things which one is the double chains on his legs, we already know leg chains are mostly for girls. while some people tag girls who wear leg chains as lesbians some do it for the love.

Cubaba chief priest wears two leg chains and he claims it's definitely for the love he has for chains, especially expensive chains like diamonds, golds, silver and so on. He is also well know for wearing other expensive jewelries.

Over the years people have labelled women who wear anklets as lesbians but seeing a man wear two anklets in his two legs brings a puzzle to some people's mind as they try to imagine what it meant.

If a woman who wears anklets is a lesbian then what do you have to say about a man that does same?

This is a clear indication that he is a gay if not he wouldn't be wearing leg chains as it looks odd.

What do you think?

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