Meet The Billionaire Who Drives Gold Cars And drinks only Gold Bottled Wine(pictures)


Having money is indeed something good, and however and on whatever one choose to spend his or her money, is nobody's business, as one have the right to spend his/her money however he/she wants and on whatever he/she wants.

And they are aswell entitled to live whatever lifestyle that makes them feel happy and comfortable.

Meet Kenya billionaire and politician, Mike Sonko, who is in love with whatever that is made of gold. As long as it is made of Gold, Sonko is either wearing it, riding it or drinking it.

Although it is his money, but his choice of what he wants is really giving some people sleepless nights because to them they are wondering that of what significant should he be spending such huge amount of money on gold, while millions of Kenya's are living in poverty.

It's on public record that the Kenya billionaire Sonko has several Gold Cars, only uses 24 Karat Gold mobile phones, and drinks only wine made only from Gold bottles.

What do you think of such lifestyle from Mike Sonko? Do you see nothing wrong in how he chooses to spend his money and live his life? Or you feel their are better ways he should go about it that will touch the lives of the poor masses?

See more pictures below

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