Check Out Four Of The Most Tattooed Footballers On The Planet And What Their Tattoos Mean


Many are drawn to tattoos simply because of their beauty or because they look cool. Even if they attach no broader significance to the tattoo, they might be compelled to get one because they are enamoured with a particular design or image and want it permanently inked on their skin.

In this write-up, we’d be seeing four of your popular football stars who have chosen to be a living graffiti of tattoos.

Sergio Ramos

With not less than 42 tattoos spread across his body. He has proven himself over time as one of the best defenders of his generation; filling up the space on his arms with religious iconography and a Native Indian dreamcatcher. 

Ramos also has a "tramp stamp" and some poetic phrases on either side of his ribcage.

He has won virtually everything winnable both at International and club level and has most of his milestone career moments symbolized as tattoos on his body. 

His injury-time equalizer to help Real Madrid win La Decima engraved on his knuckle, while the World Cup, and each Champions League date and venue is also tattooed on his skin. 

References are also made by Ramos to his parents and wife, with the words Rubio (wife’s name and father’s nickname), as well as Paqui tattooed across multiple parts of his skin, while his sons’s name and birth date are also inked out.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

AC Milan crazy and Swedish legend, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s tattoos are by far the most socially aware. During a French Ligue 1 match on 16th February 2015, PSG vs Caen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic showed off 50 temporary tattoos for charity.

The former Man United forward also has a number of permanent tattoos on his body including a dragon and a set of playing cards.

In his book ‘I am Zlatan’, he revealed that he was initially against getting tattoos but he soon became addicted to them and has virtually every part of his upper body sprawled in ink. 

On his right wrist, there are numbers referred to as the “Zlatan Ibrahimović code”. They refer to the birthdates of the male members in his family.

There is also a letter H on his left wrist symbolizing his wife Helena Seger, while there is also a depiction of a red dragon on his right oblique referencing his warrior personality.

Zlatan also references his mother and sister on his left side and according to him, placing them here is symbolic of their closeness to his heart, while the men on the right represent steadfastness as breadwinners.

Memphis Depay

This Musically inclined footballer can be dubbed as “A king of tattoos”because according to him, he made his countless inky creations as a tribute to the rough times he has endured during his life.

Memphis Depay is totally addicted to tattoos. His heavily tattooed frame is covered in ink, not to mention a tattoo on the inside of his lip. Depay desires to shine, one finds it in the words that he got tattooed on the torso.

In tribute to his grandfather, Depay had a tattoo dedicated to him on his left arm. He says about it: “That man gave me a lot of strength and took great care of me. At that moment I thought to myself I’ve got to go for it. I know where I want to go, and that is the top.”

The most prominent tattoo of his is an image of a huge lion that occupies his entire back. Depay’s chest and both arms are engraved with divine creatures and depictions of ancient Egyptians as well as some inscriptions (like “Dream Chaser“ right in the center of his chest or words “Dream, Believe, Achieve“ in the right part of it).

Arturo Vidal

The Chile and Barcelona man shows us his absolute believe in Jesus Christ. Let’s start with some Christian motives inked on his chest and back. Different crosses, praying hands and other tattoos of a similar kind.

You will also find the phrase “cubreme con tu manto”, which means “God save me” on his back.

Vidal loves horses so much, that he made a horse tattoo on his bally.

The words “Never give up” tattooed on his chin reflect his attitude towards the soccer game. You will also find his initials “AV” on his neck below this tattoo.

Vidal got two nicknames – Guerriero (“The Warrior”) and Rey Arturo (“King Arthur”) – and made tattoos of both of them on his left and right arms.

The list of most tattooed footballers is endless but we have to wrap it up for now; we’d be giving you more of them as the days go by. Cheers till the next time.

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