Meet Tom, The 32 Year Old Man Who Spent Millions Of Dollars On Surgeries Just To Look Like A Dog


Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great and fun filled weekend. On today’s article I’ll be bringing to your notice the story of a really weird guy who spent millions of dollars on plastic surgery procedures and spent so many months in the surgeon simulator just so that he could look like and resemble a real life dog, without any doubt.

Actually, we see a whole lot of strange and insane things happening around in this planet


. And off course, it has grown rampant during this new technological age of the twenty first century, where medical and surgical procedures has improved a lot. And that’s why every single day, we see and come across a lot of weird and disturbing

 stories about 

people undergoing surgery to change their gender etc.

Most of these stories are especially seen on the various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the rest. Just like i was scrolling l through my Facebook feed searching for new updates, and I came across the story of a young man of 32, and according to the pictures and story, the man called Tom Peters, shamelessly did surgery to look exactly like a dog as he claims that he was not happy living his life as a man or a



Tom Peters, young and handsome as he was desperately wanted to live as a dog. It was reported that the young lad even sold most of his properties worth millions of dollars to pay for his plastic surgery and he is happy with the results he got. The doctors changed his physique and body into that of a dog. That’s insane right?

The man, Tom Peters even has a beautiful lady as his girlfriend living together with him and she’s also happy for him. What do you think about this guy?

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