Kurt Zouma’s very impressive % stat sees him top the European leagues


Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma has been in impressive form this season and has stood up to be one of the most important players in Frank Lampard’s squad.

Last season was not the one for Chelsea’s defence, and Zouma was probably the pick of a poor bunch. But this season, alongside the experience of Thiago Silva, Zouma has been much improved.

They have formed a very strong partnership together and it is bringing out the very best from the French international.

Zouma has an incredible leap. He isn’t small by all means, but he certainly isn’t the tallest centre backs out there – which makes this chart below that he is winning even more incredible.

He leads the big-5 European leagues for highest % [96.3] of aerial defensive duels won. Incredible!

Kurt Zouma leads the big-5 leagues table for highest % of aerial defensive duels won, as per @CIES_Football. That's pretty impressive, Zouma has an incredible leap!

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