5 Everyday Foods Destroying your Manhood


It’s very devastating to a man to be having weakness with his manhood especially if he doesn't know the cause. The problem comes in when most men don't want to reach out for help due to the male ego.

So you’re midway through foreplay with a half-naked woman, and suddenly you realize that your pen!s is chilling at half-mast, taking its sweet dang time to achieve its full potential.

You panic. It’s like one of those dreams where you’re stuck in some terrible post-apocalyptic scenario, your feet cemented to the ground, as impending doom encroaches. They’re one and the same except one of those nightmares involves a disappointed half-naked woman.

Note: If this is the first or second time you’ve had a failure to launch, don’t sweat it. But if your weak erections persist and the reason for them isn’t obvious it’s time to see a doctor, stat.

Erectile dysfunction can be the first sign of a serious problem, like heart disease, your primary physician or a urologist not an erectile dysfunction ‘clinic’ will be able to determine if there’s something bigger at play

Here are some of the foods weakening your erections: 

Sugar and Soy

Too much of everything is poisonous, the same case to soy which can affect your bones. If you take too much sugar well know that it may affect you in the future when getting it up. 

If you want hard rock boners reduce the amount of sugar you take. Sugar affects the production of testosterone.


Heavy drinkers are no stranger to “whiskey d!ck,” nor can they expect to maintain a stellar s3x life. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, which means it slows everything down—including blood flow to your pen!s,

Am sure some of you have experienced this when you drank and it's impossible for your guy to turn up for the event (I hope you get what I mean). This is because alcohol lowers testosterone.

Deli meats and bacon

Bad news, bacon lovers. A study revealed a correlation between processed meat intake and poor sperm quality Men who ate large quantities of bacon and deli meats had lower sperm counts. Meanwhile, men who ate more dark fish (salmon and tuna) had better sperm counts. 

There were just 156 men in the study. Still, researchers found an alarming trend among bacon and sausage lovers: Just one piece of bacon or one sausage link per day was associated with 30% fewer normal sperm


In 2010, researchers found that men who drink a quart of cola each day have sperm counts that are 30% lower than their peers who don't drink as much soda.  While the low sperm count was still considered in the normal range according to the World Health Organization. Men with lower sperm counts are at risk for infertility. 

While the study demonstrated correlation and not causation, it's still probably not a good idea to drink Diet Pepsi on date night. Carbonated beverages can cause excessive bloating

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