Another University Lecturer Caught Pants Down With A Female Student | VIDEO

Another University Lecturer Caught Pants Down With A Female Student | VIDEO

Another lecturer has been caught pants down with a female student in a sekz for grades scandal a few months after the BBC released the ‘sekz for grades’ documentary.

The said lecturer who is a senior staff and Head of the Department of Biochemistry at Imo State University, Dr, E . N Agomuo was caught in the act whiles he was having a bedroom time with his recent victim.

It can be recalled that a number of university lecturers were implicated after the BBC released the documentary which showed that some lecturers were harassing some female students in exchange for grades.

According to sources, Dr. Agomuo is one of the notorious lecturers who wasn’t bothered about the BBC documentary and so he went on with the act of still demanding a sekzual payback from ladies he gives good grades.

Well, one can only say this is a bad day for him since everything that one starts will surely come to an end no matter how long it takes.

The arrest of Dr. Agumuo whiles he was b0nking his victim has come as a surprise for a lot of people because one would have thought he learned some lessons from his colleagues who were exposed in the previous documentary.

Reports have it that some of the lecturers who were caught in the sekz for grades scandal were relieved off their duties whiles some were put under serious sanctions.

One of the serious but funny things that were revealed in the sekz for grades scandal is the cold room experience which had some lecturers carrying female students to a staffed clubhouse that had a cold room for their sekzual duties.

As it stands, one can only wait to see what will be done to Dr. Agomuo after his arrest because he was really caught in the act.

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